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Why You Shouldn't Wait to Take Care of a UTI

Urinary tract infections are painful. And while you might be tempted to wait it out, this bacterial infection doesn't go away on its own. Learn the signs of a UTI and why you should take care of it sooner rather than later.

Jul 19th, 2021
Does Pinkeye Require Urgent Care?

Pinkeye is one of the most common types of eye infection. It’s characterized by red or pink eyes, itchiness, and discharge. But does pinkeye pose a serious health risk? Learn to identify pinkeye and when your symptoms need professional care.

Jun 30th, 2021
Myths and Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have erectile dysfunction? It’s a common, but embarrassing, condition that affects men of all ages. From who gets it to how it’s treated, there’s a lot of misinformation about ED out there. It’s time to learn the truth.

May 26th, 2021
The Benefits of Telehealth

What if you could get the medical care you need without leaving your house? With telehealth, you can. Telehealth visits are an efficient and effective way to get quality health care. Learn the benefits and schedule your first appointment today.

Apr 22nd, 2021
When Should You Consider Getting the COVID-19 Rapid Test?

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms? Are you worried you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus? These are just a few reasons to get tested. But the best news? You don’t have to wait days for your results. Keep reading to learn more.

Mar 15th, 2021